I truly believe it is important to understand the true nature of antibiotics. What is it really? Because it’s something that cannot be ignored due to its omnipotent presence. 

In homeopathy we are trained to view antibiotics not only as this wonder drug that can offer a solution for any problem but also as something that can have negative effects in the long run, both on the individual and collective levels. Unfortunately this view is not shared by modern medicine and thus it’s given freely without any reservations. 

A mother recently shared how upon visit to a doctor for a minor complaint of a child a course of antibiotics was prescribed, without even bothering to do a simple test to see if it’s a bacterial or a viral infection. When the mother insisted on a test she was refused treatment. So she went to a private clinic to, eventually, confirm a viral infection. Thus antibiotics in such a case are of no use. This example shows a complete lack of understanding and total absence of consideration of our professionals and a strong belief in only the good nature of antibiotics. And all this despite lots of emerging evidence proving the downsides that are clearly visible through various studies. 

The process of understanding is very slow while the practical application of this knowledge is in its infancy, if at all. We became addicted to antibiotics and will not give it up easily.

Any doubt of a doctor, every lack in his understanding about a disease/condition, also his impatience can be easily and has been consistently covered by a course of antibiotics. 

So allopathic medicine is only beginning to catch up to what Homeopathy has known for a very long time: that antibiotics are dangerous drugs and any decision to use them ought to be well weighed. 

Let’s have a quick look at some downsides of antibiotics: Repeated use of antibiotics actually decreases the body’s ability to defend itself in bacterial infections. There are four aspects to this: 

First, with antibiotics, not only are the pathological bacteria killed but also the beneficial ones whose purpose is to defend our body from other bacterial infections. 

Second, if the fever response is thwarted through the repetitive use of antibiotics, the defense mechanism becomes less able to develop the appropriate fever response to defend itself. 

Third, as most antibiotics are made from fungal material. Repeated introduction of these fungi through antibiotic use leaves one prone to systemic yeast conditions. 

Finally, with repetitive use, pathological bacteria eventually become resistant to antibiotics and will require stronger and stronger antibiotics to destroy them.  

The end result is an immune system that no longer is functioning well, a body full of yeast and/ or other mutations of bacteria that are more harmful than the original bacteria, and the absence of the natural bacteria needed to regulate the inner workings of bodily functions. 

Antibiotics – an Insurance Policy

I find it practical to view Antibiotics a bit like an insurance policy which we get to protect ourselves and our stuff against some possible threat. Antibiotics and insurance companies are two seemingly unrelated things, but in reality, they function in the same way. Both antibiotics and insurance policies were created to protect us against identified threats. However, over time, they have made us complacent and dependent, destroying our natural ability and skills to take responsibility for ourselves. “But look at all the criminals out there just eying my hard earned goodies and look at all those opportunistic bacteria trying to infiltrate my system and use my physical resources” 

Now because homeopathy functions based on a holistic understanding in this case the most valid questions and considerations would be: 

Why do we have the criminals in the first place, doesn’t our systems support all beings equally in acquiring and having a dignified life where all have sufficiently? 

Why do we live in fear of each other and how come that the security/safety has been defined based on how much stuff we have but not who we are as people as well as our relationships with each other? 

How did we accept and allow the belief that we require all these external material things in order to have a fulfilling life and in turn lost the simplicity of being here, breathing, self-expression as who we really are as the integral part of nature, animal kingdom? 

How did we separate ourselves from our physical bodies to the extent of no longer having a clue about how our bodies function, no longer able to see the interconnectedness of all parts, even the viruses and bacteria? 

In both cases, we have created a false sense of security that makes us ill-equipped to deal with the real world. We have become so accustomed to relying on external solutions that we have lost touch with our natural ability to direct our lives. We no longer trust ourselves to find a way within ourselves to figure things out.

And because we have missed this, the consequence is now our teacher. 

Who wants to delve deeper into the statistics on how antibiotics are affecting humanity you can check this lecture:

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