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What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is the second largest medical system in the world. It was founded more than 200 years ago by German physician Samuel Hahnemann. The science behind homeopathy, however, which is based on the principle of similars has been around for much longer than that. This principle was mentioned and used by Hippocrates and various practices based on it have come and gone over time.

The aim of homeopathy as expressed by the founder is “…to restore health rapidly, gently, permanently; to remove and destroy the whole disease in the shortest, surest, least harmful way, according to clearly comprehensible principles”. To achieve this goal Homeopathy has more than 2000 remedies at its disposal. These remedies are extremely save to use, even for babies and pets, there are no side effects that we often see from traditional medications, and is FDA regulated.

It is used to treat acute illnesses, like colds, ear infections, migraines, and sore throats, as well as chronic conditions, like asthma, depression, addictions, autism, arthritis and a whole range of other mental and physical disorders. […back to top]

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How does Homeopathy work?

The science behind homeopathy lies within the secret of water. It’s only recently that the scientist began to understand the properties of water, one of which is the ability of water to hold memories, to contain information. This is a key aspect when it comes to understanding Homeopathy. 

Due to this new understanding that water is capable of holding memories/information we can see now that homeopathic remedies, accused of being only empty pills, actually contain information of various physical substances found on earth, such as minerals, herbs, disease tissues, various poisons, etc. from which the homeopathic remedies are made of. These substance, however, are diluted to such a degree that no actual physical substance can be traced in any given remedy. As mentioned before – only the information/resonance/sound signature of a given substance remains imprinted in a homeopathic remedy.

Now if we consider that a human body is made up mostly of water it’s not a giant leap to understand that this water that we exist in and as contains information, or we can call it a resonance. Based on this information/resonance we live our lives, it determines who we are, our behavior patterns, character qualities – we can say that based on this information we are in-formed. Disease from this perspective can be thus understood as being a form of disturbance in one’s “water”.

Now going back to homeopathy it is to understand that the biggest role of a homeopath is to be able to understand and know in detail the homeopathic remedies and what kind of information/resonance/sound signature they hold within themselves. The same then goes towards understanding, based on the manifestations of various symptoms, behavior patterns etc, what is the exact resonance/sound signature of the patient. Now the principle of LIKE CURES LIKE suggests that when a homeopath has a full comprehension of both the remedy and the patient – the task is to find a matching resonance. So that means basically recognizing and choosing a substance on earth (potentized remedy) which simulates, most similarly, the resonance of the patient. When this is well chosen and given to the patient in a correct potency – then the two meet and they cease to exist as they cancel each other out.

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For what kind of diseases is Homeopathy most effective?

Homeopathy is most effective when the disease is not yet physically manifested, meaning it’s not yet able to be physically measured. It is when we know something is wrong and we can actually feel the negative effects of it, but we can’t yet put our finger on it so to speak. It’s when all the tests come negative and the doctor says it’s all in your head, you just need to take a rest. This is the time where homeopathy does wonders in preventing further proliferation of the disease that is busy brewing somewhere deep inside. Such signs cannot be taken lightly, we all have this inner intelligence where we know things are not going in the right direction, so we must really trust ourselves and take action.

When the disease is more progressed homeopathy is equally valid and, in many cases, very effective. Only here it becomes more important to equip oneself with patience realizing this might take a while. We have taken our time creating the disease so it can take an equal amount of time to reverse these manifested consequences. The skill of the homeopath here also becomes more important because in most cases we will be dealing with multiple layers and multiple different remedies.[…back to top]

How can Homeopathy be useful to you?

  • Homeopathy can heal physical or emotional trauma, even if it was caused many years ago
  • Stress and stress related disorders. Homeopathy is very effective in supporting the body and mind to deal with stress and even remove the underlying patterns that cause stress in the first place
  • Homeopathy is very effective in helping to overcome anxiety and when necessary fix the damage that has been caused by it
  • Allergies from homeopathic perspective is not a life sentence. For example if you have always wanted to have a pet but due to allergies were not able to get one, homeopathy is here, making a statement, that it’s not necessary to give up on this dream
  • Correcting inherent tendencies and weaknesses which have been handed down to us from generations that have gone before us. Yes, it is possible to finally stop these cycles through carefully applied homeopathy
  • Homeopathy can be very empowering. It is not difficult to master the very basics of homeopathy just by learning a dozen of available remedies for the most common ailments and minor accidents, so when these occur you are stable and calm because you have the tools to deal with it. It is also an amazing tool for parents, there are already huge numbers of mothers who have recognized the true power of homeopathy and instead of running to the doctor for every little thing that happens to the child they understand that they can handle it themselves
  • In essence homeopathy can support one at any stage in life from cradle to grave, with acute and chronic conditions .[…back to top]

What happens in a consultation?

Homeopathy functions on the premise that every person is unique, and this uniqueness must be recognized and understood by the homeopath in order to achieve the best possible results. This is done through keen observation and careful questioning of the homeopath taking your case. Some people have expressed a little surprise, some even a tint of skepticism when the homeopath inquires, for example, about your sleeping position and if you stick your feet out of the covers in bed, or the type of food you like or dislike the most, or whether you prefer to be left alone when you are down or need company in these moments, and many many other similar questions, which might seem irrelevant to your headache for example, but be assured that these are all tiny pieces giving an insight into your unique nature and thus are crucial in finding, out of more than 2000 available remedies, the one that matches you the most. It is thus important to come with an open mind and share yourself unconditionally to thus assist the homeopath to select the best remedy and also expand your own awareness about who you are as a unique individual.

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How long does the treatment last?

It’s a difficult question to be answered definitively, yet some general guidelines can be of use. If the disease is acute and the organism is strong and undisturbed by conventional prescriptions, and when, as the homeopaths like to say “the picture is clear”, then the treatment is usually quick, a matter of hours or up to a few days. In many cases, however, acute manifestations are exacerbation of an underlying chronic disease where the organism is already weakened and thus more susceptible to acute infections. In such cases the priority will be to first tackle the acute condition and thus avoid any complications, but beyond that the focus must be placed on the real issues sustaining the chronic condition to ensure a lasting effect. To predict the duration of treating chronic cases is very difficult due to the unique nature of every individual and depends thus on multitude of various factors. Many homeopaths are trained to recognize the levels of health, which means to see how serious the condition is and how deep it goes, which then allows to give an approximate prediction of the duration of the treatment.[…back to top]

Are there any negative side-effects possible in a Homeopathic treatment?

A few things are worth mentioning in this regard and perhaps a quick look at the history is beneficial to better understand the matter. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, during his lifetime has worked hard to establish reliable principles according to which homeopathy functioned. He was achieving great results and his successes attracted many great men who joined and later continued his work. Naturally the science of homeopathy was evolving and many great discoveries since then have been unveiled, making homeopathy even more effective. However, as it is with many things, evolution does not always take the best course and throughout the years homeopathy has split into various branches, some of which failed to maintain the strict principles set forth by the old masters. Instead of adhering to these principles some started to use their opinion and imagination as well as intuition as valid scientific tools. This has caused great damage to the art of homeopathy and this is thus the place from where the negative side-effects originate. Fortunately, due to the nature of homeopathic remedies, which do not possess a chemical structure that could affect the body in a significant way, one cannot do much harm, at least not in a direct visible way. What is often not considered yet is a very important effect of ineffective treatment is the wasted time. Sometimes weeks and months can go by without any significant improvement which in essence contradicts completely the true purpose of homeopathic treatment – to add more quality time to a person’s life so that one can focus on the things that truly matter.[…back to top]

Can I use Homeopathy alongside other treatments?

Yes, homeopathy is compatible with both, the conventional and the alternative, methods of treatment. The main concern when treating patients, who are using conventional medication, is that the total disease picture/pattern is likely to be somewhat altered through the intake of chemical substances. This makes it a bit more challenging for the homeopath to find the best matching remedy and it’s also likely that the treatment will last a bit longer.

When it comes to alternative treatments homeopathy is also a complimentary addition. The only difficulty might arise when trying to understand the exact effects of the treatment, to understand if it’s the remedy of the homeopath that is producing the change or is it the effects of another therapy. When the result of such treatment is not satisfactory it is suggested to slow down and stick with one therapy for a while, until stability is regained and better choices can be made.[…back to top]

Why is Homeopathy good for children?

Using safer, natural remedies, such as homeopathic medicines, is particularly important when treating infants and young children. Their young bodies are developing. Their nervous systems are just beginning to integrate with the endocrine and immune systems and with various organ systems. Although the human organism can be incredibly resilient, it can also be very fragile, especially during infancy.

Parents can be reassured that homeopathic medicines are safe for infants. Despite the fact that some homeopathic remedies are made from originally poisonous substances, they are so diluted so many times that it is impossible for a baby to ingest enough of the substance to cause any harm, even if the infant swallowed the contents of an entire bottle.[…back to top]


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