Anxiety About Health


I have been looking at this specific anxiety for some time now. The reason being that when taking cases in my homeopathic practice I noticed that this anxiety had a strong presence in almost every person I talked to. For me that was a bit of a revelation because personally I did not have this anxiety tsuch a high degree in my life and initially could not comprehend the significance of it and what a hindrance it can becomeEven though I could see how the world system tries to pull one into this fear/anxiety I always found a way to evade it’s clutches and never gave it too much thought.

I was also lucky to have an upbringing/programming where this specific anxiety had but little space in my environment, while most stories from my patients confirmed that this anxiety was already a strong pattern from early years of their childhood caused either by overprotective parents or there was some serious disease in the family and the child had to face this directly and where, unfortunately, due to lack of understanding these events were not handled properly and as a consequence even more fear and anxiety would be created.

No matter the personal stories what really matters now is the present and thus the question: What systems of support and personal realizations are needed to begin the transcendence of this fear/anxiety burden? And we can also ask ourselves whether this fear/anxiety helps us to protect ourselves from the disease or makes it even more likely?

One thing that supported me a lot on this point was the understanding of what our thoughts and energetic reactions can do to our body. Once I heard a man talking about this and some words he said really evoked my curiosity: he said that the pain that even one single thought is causing to the body is extreme. What? Well, I can understand that strong emotional energetic reactions like stress or fear can really impact the body, as I am sure many have experienced in their lives, but the idea of a single thought having a strong effect was a bit far off. Still, having equipped myself with this piece of information and a healthy dose of curiosity I walked my process to try to understand if there is any truth to such a statement. Now I don’t remember ever taking painkillers in my life thus my relationship with pain was always that of welcoming it and in this trying to understand what is the message here and what is the mechanism behind it.

In the end I have to say that I haven’t seen it all, but I did see how a tiny thought can trigger small emotional reactions and how these reactions build up slowly in the body and eventually cause very significant and painful experiencesAnd I have also seen that there is much more that i am not able to perceive at this point, that there is a very deep innate physical intelligence that the human mind is just not able to comprehendIn other words a deep respect towards the physical body has emerged when seeing what it has to deal with due to all the various ways of abuse that we are causing and in this I started contemplating on my role in this and how I can improve.

So, with having this basic understanding/comprehension of the effect of thoughts and energetic reactions on the body, the question I asked myself in common sense consideration was this:

When my body is dealing with some disease, discomfort or any difficulty for that matter, is it in any way beneficial to put extra pressure, like the anxiety and all the pain that comes with it, on top of everything that my body is already going through? The answer is obviously No. The answer is that I have a much better chance of overcoming any issue if I allow my body to do it’s job without interference, without imposing extra pressure or additional points to deal with. Sure I can interfere with supportive measures like drinking enough water, having sufficient sleep, good nutritionwriting, self-forgiveness or asking for help when nothing else helps.

understand, however, that all this unfortunately is not always sufficient and despite our rational understanding many times we find ourselves unable to stop certain behavior patterns because they are rooted much deeper and they can take control of us despite our best efforts. I mean I can explain all day how having anxiety about health is not helping and one might even understand it on some level, but at the end of the day when even a tiny disease emerges all this understanding can go out the window and all the fears and anxieties light up like a Christmas tree and suddenly one is on the way to the doctor, most likely to start another course of antibiotics, thus unfortunately creating even more consequences to be faced in the future. This is then where a deeper work with self is required: to go back into our personal story, to investigate the programming, trace the faulty codes and essentially delete it. It’s easier said than done of course and sometimes a bridge is necessary, a type of safety net when it gets too much.

Personally I found this safety net in Homeopathy. Since I discovered it, studied and started applying it at some point I had a very deep realization that whatever happens I can always support myself with it and this provided me with a very deep sense of peace when it comes to physical and mental healthIt has never let me down and it has also enabled me to start making a stand and start voicing myself to others saying that even though this fear/anxiety might seem very real to you it’s actually just a system program that can be deleted, it’s not real and it’s not necessary to keep it because it’s not something that actually keeps you safe, quite the contrary it’s a burden and an obstacle on your journey to a truly healthy life.

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