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About Me

In my younger years I never had the intention of becoming a part of the medical industry in any way, nor was I pushed into this direction by my mother who is a doctor herself. When I look back I was basically left on my own devices to determine my own interests and create my own destiny.

After finishing university degree in business administration it became clear that business is not something I am truly interested in or willing to devote my life to. I did, however, enjoy the few classes I had about human psychology and philosophy as I kept contemplating deeply on the big questions of life.

This is, actually, where all my focus and energy went into after the graduation, as I began to read anything I could lay my hands on, anything that held a promise of providing some answers to my curiosity. One thing became clear, there is much more to this existence than meets the eye.

I realized rather quickly that it is crucial to start questioning every part/area of our accepted existence because the sum total of all parts, as our current experience that we all share on planet earth, is in a very compromised and dire condition that requires, in many instances, a radical change. I also realized that it is my duty, as being part of this world, to find a way to contribute, in the best way possible, towards this change.

After much searching and consideration in regards to who I am, my background, my skills and my abilities I have made the decision to study homeopathy. My exposure to homeopathy happened through a being whom I deeply admired and who managed to show me the real value of it and convince me beyond a shadow of doubt how effective it is and how relevant it will be in time still to come.

So this was the beginning of my journey to becoming a homeopath and as this journey continues I become ever more convinced of the efficacy of homeopathy as a tool to produce real change on all levels of our being. This determination has grown from seeing real people being treated and helped with homeopathy during small troubles as well as deep chronic conditions. I no longer doubt of the huge benefit available when this art of homeopathy is applied in a masterful way and thus I make it my purpose to learn this art and apply it in the way that is best for all life. 


S.C. Massage Therapist

I was always fond of Homeopathy and other natural ways of improving my condition. Moving to Amsterdam I was struggling to find a health practitioner who could support me. Visited already one recommended Homeopath in Amsterdam and while the remedy I have been provided with had some positive effect I felt that I was interrogated and judged. I found Arvydas Platakis online. As a young professional he gave me his full attention during the session and by his quick response on E-mail and phone. He is open minded, trustworthy and caring. In contrary unfortunately with my GP and the other practitioner with Arvydas I feel that he is genuinely committed to see me reach my potential with his kindness and wholehearted commitment. With his prescribed remedies he has cured my hay fever, tinnitus, flu and more.

C.H. Pilates Teacher

As a way to recover from a burnout and the physical and mental injuries that this caused me I turned to homeopathy. I came in contact with Arvydas through common friends and though at the beginning I was sceptical as how homeopathy would help me with the emotional part of the healing I gave a chance to this great and patient professional! With warmth and dedication Arvydas helped me to open up to a kind of therapy that offered quick and long lasting results. From my over sensitivity to my bladder problems and muscle aches he manage to find the appropriate remedies to get rid of these ailments for good. His kind nature and supportive approach made it easy for me to accept the problems and welcome the solutions. There is no more a doubt to me that homeopathy is the way to face health challenges in a physical and emotional level and in Arvydas I have found the most valuable and trustworthy homeopathy practitioner!