Nux Vomica


This remedy is prescribed quite often in practice. Mostly because we as humans force ourselves into such mental and physical states where this remedy becomes indicated. This state would be one of exhaustion, being overworked, usually extremely competitive and ambitious people.

My first experience with this remedy was when I was just starting with homeopathy and I gave it to my colleague who was having trouble falling asleep due to a very busy mind, incessant thinking.? Basically he was really overworking in his mind, unable to take rest even at night time. At that point not even sleeping pills were helping. He was very quiet man and you could not see any irritability or nervousness on the surface but inside there was a deep struggle. I shared a few things about homeopathy and he agreed to try it. I took the case and based on variety of symptoms this one seemed to be indicated.

This incident also imprinted upon me the importance of sleep and how challenging it is when this period of rest is impaired. Especially when the reason is this non-stop thinking process. Perhaps the right word to describe the experience that arises in this is Madness. In this one can really become a walking ticking time bomb. So, after the remedy my colleague came to me asking what was it in those pills. Lol I had to say the truth, that this one is made from a poison nut.? This didn’t bother him the least, he only asked where he can get more of that.

The beauty of homeopathic medicines is also that there are no side effects like it’s so often the case when taking conventional medications. There is no toxicity that is building up in your liver, there is no extermination of your gut bacteria like it happens when you take a dose of antibiotics, etc. Homeopathy only stimulates your body’s own healing mechanisms and in this the cure is usually deep and lasting

Anyway, for the conclusion of this remedy: remember that when you are going nuts from overworking it might be the time to take the poison nut  .

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